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Dear Valve , please this is a game not casino, please remove gambling I'm level 1053 but didn't get ursa ultra rare, how much money you want ? the game is hard enough make our life's EZ please !!! (recycled extras)

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Looking to help with any casino approach any cut i just want some ez cash since i got reset

Gt is Soldier9040
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EZ Win attracts a community with top casino games, plus betting for sports and e-sports. Customers can play a stable coin pegged to the US dollar. #EZ365 #EZWin #Massadoption #IEO

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EZ365 is a digital ecosystem is comprised of three integrated platforms; EZ Win a blockchain-based digital asset casino, EZ Exchange, a digital asset exchange, and EZ Academy, a blockchain/cryptocurrency educational platform for users. #EZ365 #EZWin #EZAcademy #EZExchange

EZ365 is a digital ecosystem is comprised of three integrated platforms; EZ Win a blockchain-based digital asset casino, EZ Exchange, a digital asset exchange, and EZ Academy, a blockchain/cryptocurrency educational platform for users. #EZ365 #EZWin #EZAcademy #EZExchange submitted by denzkilim to EZ365 [link] [comments]

EZ Win attracts a community with top casino games, plus betting for sports and e-sports

#EZ365 #EZWin #EZAcademy #EZExchange #Massadoption #IEO #MakingCryptoEasy #CryptoForAll #PlayTradeLearn EZ Win attracts a community with top casino games, plus betting for sports and e-sports. Customers can play a stable coin pegged to the US dollar.
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EZ Win brings together the best casino games, sports betting and eSports. Winnings received on EZ365 are stable since they are paid out in tokens pledged to the US dollar. To work with EZ Win does not require additional skills, everything is intuitive and simple.

EZ Win brings together the best casino games, sports betting and eSports. Winnings received on EZ365 are stable since they are paid out in tokens pledged to the US dollar. To work with EZ Win does not require additional skills, everything is intuitive and simple. submitted by oamiri90 to EZ365 [link] [comments]

Any guaranteed casino ez money schrmrs?

Best I know is betting on evens horse with 5/1 as number 2
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EZ365 is a digital ecosystem is comprised of three integrated platforms; EZ Win a blockchain-based digital asset casino, EZ Exchange, a digital asset exchange, and EZ Academy, a blockchain/cryptocurrency educational platform for users. #EZ365 #EZWin #EZAcademy #EZExchange

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EZ WIN-A serious product for the casino player from EZ365!

At EZ Win, we believe in making the user experience paramount; offering a fun, secure and fair gaming experience unlike anything else in the industry.
EZ Win - A robust digital asset casino developed with blockchain technology principles where users can be assured that they are playing on a provably fair system. The casino will offer betting on sports such as soccer, American football, basketball, baseball, hockey, tennis, golf, boxing/MMA, horse racing, F1 racing, and more. It will also offer traditional casino games such as: Bingo, Texas Hold’em, 3-Card Poker, Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, slots, etc. E-sports betting will also be available.
I believe that this is a revolutionary product in betting and casino-because everything is transparent and honest!Also, no one can take away your winnings!
Join now:
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EZ365 is comprised of EZ Win an online blockchain-based gaming platform that offers casino games, sports, e-sports betting, EZ Exchange, and EZ Academy an educational platform. #EZ365 #EZWin #EZAcademy #EZExchange #Massadoption #IEO #MakingCryptoEasy #CryptoForAll #PlayTradeLearn

EZ365 is comprised of EZ Win an online blockchain-based gaming platform that offers casino games, sports, e-sports betting, EZ Exchange, and EZ Academy an educational platform. #EZ365 #EZWin #EZAcademy #EZExchange #Massadoption #IEO #MakingCryptoEasy #CryptoForAll #PlayTradeLearn submitted by denzkilim to Crypto_ICO_Investing [link] [comments]

EZ36-unique three-in-one platform! EZ Win-casino, sports betting, EZ Exchange-high security, credit card replenishment and withdrawal, EZ Academy-portal for training new traders, dyskusia, news, market analytics.

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EZ Win attracts a community of the best casino games, as well as sports and e-sports betting. Winnings received on EZ365 are stable since they are paid out in tokens pledged to the US dollar. To work with EZ Win does not require additional skills, everything is intuitive and simple.

EZ Win attracts a community of the best casino games, as well as sports and e-sports betting. Winnings received on EZ365 are stable since they are paid out in tokens pledged to the US dollar. To work with EZ Win does not require additional skills, everything is intuitive and simple. submitted by oamiri90 to cryptoall [link] [comments]

500 days before the wheel

The Diamond Resort & Casino opened 500 days ago, today
I've posted before of my data of the Bonus Wheel, but today makes a nice (though arbitrary) number to give an update:
Category Count Total Expected Actual
Vehicle 29 $ 43,817,350 5.0% 6.1%
Cash 97 $ 3,525,000 20.0% 20.5%
Chips 110 $ 2,007,500 20.0% 23.2%
Mystery 24 $689,350 5.0% 5.1%
Clothing 92 /145 20.0% 19.4%
Discount 13 5.0% 2.7%
RP 109 1,040,000 25.0% 23.0%
Days I didn't spin 26
Total 500
Proof, though not every photo was saved
Only one vehicle was illegitimately won by the glitch-out-and-try-again method. All others were the result of spinning after about 4 seconds or just random, though that result includes times where it landed on "Vehicle" after I had already won the car that week.
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Mad city 2020 Updates in each month

Jan Season 5 early starting cool new car faveroite vehicals dog nerf apartments 1 year-old game
Feb infinity truck T150 widowmaker firestorm added 2 new aprtments new vip skin star lord gon ripppp ferries wheel music bacc Challenges get over rank 100 casino and bank more ez famas was added and revamped aim system frost gun
March RYKOU AND ARCHER BOIII Porsche added airport revamp cobra is born
April Egg hunt season 6 mechs live event teaser cluckles mech boss end of s5 map expansion new cop base egg launcher better then the original one tbh mad city channel is born Im so happy o-66 car added 1BILLION VISITS WOO HOOO
May Live event New revamped map 50k subs
June TRAM 2 new cars Shotgun nerf spas buff uzi-s buff crims can cuff out other crims cops no longer send crims/villans to jail TAKE THAT COPS Mech suits gone temp
July Dog hats gamemodes secret badge first mad city tournament held hyper glider buffed night rider Mechs are bacc new feature downed melee weapons don't effect
August Weather to make the game more epicccc crim dogs added some bans to hackers thank you devs 100kcash code very op but ,lasted 24 hours 3 new game modes
Sepetmber A BRAND NEW PRISON season 7 upcoming
October Season 7 Spooky boss end of s6 billy bounce new map with future theme
Novermber revamped airplane & cobra collab with username
December revamped more stuff ik one was vapid and smart Boss fight which is still challenging map is frozen but not water
Well thats it.This game and the devs 2020 for mad city was A BIG year I should say And I cannot wait what comes for 2021 sorry for some spelling errors Also get MAD CITY TO 100K THEY DESERVE IT
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Portar and tournaments cheats

1st: why doesnt portars spawn after reaching my 90% stages? i am 68k stage, after 2nd prestige in tournament i got portars spawned until 62k(took me 2 hours) after that, no portar till 66k and lost the tourney, i had tons of relic so i could push to 70k ez (8%portar chance) smells fishy, it kinds lets pay users win/or makes others pay for chests/etc. casino fishy style.
  1. How comes players push 2-3k stages in less than 5minutes? I see their top ms e.g 70k top stage, last online 1hour ago with 70k top prestige and in the last 5 minutes of tourney i checked and see 73k stage with 2 minutes ago online. like, wtf!? he pushed his top prestige in like 50 min? It’s either marketing bots, either cheaters. I find it impossible to push so fast past your top stage even if you have max damage, it takes 10 min for each 100 stagesx
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Flat betting + Martingale Mixed Strat.

Hi everyone, I'm new here and also new to Baccarat. I'm here with the intention of finding fellow gamblers near me, making friends to share and discuss strategies using constructive criticism.
So I became interested in baccarat after coming across Christopher Mitchell's youtube videos. Now now, let's set aside the notion of him being a scammer or not a scammer. And no, I didn't buy his strategies nor have I paid him to coach me. So read on.
I've watched all his vids and after studying the game and analyzing multiple score cards, I've developed a strategy I named 'Flatingale'. It encompasses table minimum flat betting combined with martingale. Basically knowing when to constant flat bet, when to martingale, how to play with long single chops, short win streaks and long win streaks of Player and Banker. So I brought a bankroll of $4,150 to Pala Casino in Southern California(they only have EZ Baccarat non-commissioned tables so I don't have any other choice). Tried the strat for the first time and won $275 profit after a hard battle of 2 shoes. Martingale got to a scare point when I had to go up to the 5th martingale of $800 to which 6th is the final. Knowing that you can only win using martingale in the short-run and the House always win in the long-run no matter what, I've made adjustments and tweaks to 'Flatingale' so NOT to be over-relying on or abusing it; losing several thousands of $ in 7 bets is NOT a good feeling nor experience.
Anyways, hit me up if you want to chat more and share your opinions and experiences. Or if you're close by, maybe we can meet up, chat about baccarat and maybe do a casino run together. I'm currently playing at Pala, Harrah's and Valley View but planning to travel to others such as Morongo.
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Daily Minecraft Highlights: SCAMWIGSHOOK
Clip # Title Author Curator Score Direct Link
#1 [00:00] "bnans wins ludwig's blackjack 4 times in a row" ludwig liquidatedtoast 3.0281 [CLICK]
#2 [00:31] "ScamwigShook" kkatamina kkatamina 2.64305 [CLICK]
#3 [00:56] "Sykkuno impression LUL" karljacobs josh2671 1.2462 [CLICK]
#4 [01:21] "Minecraft Loansharking" ash_on_lol jo_jorgensen 0.6799 [CLICK]
#5 [02:06] "8 tellies 3 block gb and 2 clutch lol" Crinek None 0.5 [CLICK]
#6 [02:20] "Step bro I'm stuck ;)" kkatamina good_or_not 0.27492 [CLICK]
#7 [03:02] "loan sharkunno and lud strikes again" sykkuno xerxes3301 0.2556 [CLICK]
#8 [03:45] "Scamwig loses his own money at his casino" ludwig zecelv 0.1867 [CLICK]
#9 [04:09] "Oh lawd he comi- BEES" FudgeMerchant None 0.164 [CLICK]
#10 [04:45] bnans clipsyncbot 0.1251 [CLICK]
#11 [05:45] "Beezily god" KiwiKing 71219 None 0.119 [CLICK]
#12 [05:54] "he didn't even look at me but i still got hit" zatterz None 0.11 [CLICK]
#13 [06:09] "RIP Horse" ash_on_lol imrawn 0.1095 [CLICK]
#14 [06:34] "abuse?" VinkiDK None 0.104 [CLICK]
#15 [06:49] "ez vv :D eller noget....." KeKFGQD None 0.1 [CLICK]
#16 [07:12] "tfue ends after too many beers" tfue zhem_ 0.0937 [CLICK]
#17 [07:37] "Ludwig Slays Carson" ludwig the_hoser 0.0711 [CLICK]
#18 [07:54] "SAPNAP FARTS IN AUTOTUNE" karljacobs jazz444 0.0668 [CLICK]
#19 [08:14] "scammer gets scammed" sykkuno mikanoke 0.0401 [CLICK]
#20 [08:49] karljacobs kameyn 0.0571 [CLICK]
#21 [09:19] "Hitting on a 20...only at Sykkuno's Casino" fuslie k0r0sh1ya 0.0385 [CLICK]
#22 [09:42] "dream is thicc" quackityhq trashmanwilltakeyourbones 0.0345 [CLICK]
#23 [10:08] "2 Wilburs" karljacobs kierawagler 0.0503 [CLICK]
#24 [10:37] "Manhuntza" philza micsplayer 0.0336 [CLICK]
#25 [11:37] "Ludwig's the Gambling King" sydeon raymiing 0.0333 [CLICK]
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my betrayal story

Right now I'm pretty bored so let me tell you guys a story about one of my best friends and I.
A few months ago, when i was on a break from school, i was gaming gt like always and found a quirky player in a random casino world. He was telling other people to go to his world, and so i said "ok" and played along. He was Finnish btw. The world he told me to go to was a casino world. Oh how surprising! Anyway, i got that he was trying to be a scammer, but being pretty immature at that time, greed got the better of me and we eventually decided to be scamming buddies. We scammed a few people by making a fake casino where i would act as a player. We earned a few wls but barely much anyway, and right now i still think it was pretty harmless. However, we scammed one guy who had only a single wl, and so we felt bad and decided to give him back the wl. That happened over the course of an entire afternoon, and i felt that the fun time we had was more important than the wls we earned. The next day, we eventually thought about yesterday's events and came to a consensus that scamming was stupid, and that working honestly was better and faster to getting rich. Thus, we decided to do a massing project together. We started massing d boxes. My friend already made a world for the both of us to mass together in, and we split the cost in acquiring the ingredients. Slowly but surely, we worked together and cleared step by step until we had all the d boxes ready. it took nearly a week, but we had much fun playing together and making dirty jokes with each other(we were teens okay?). It was then i realised my friend wasnt really normal. He would talk to me about having no friends in school, and being bullied by his classmates. Its because of a facial scar he received when he was young. We were great friends by then so i tried to comfort him, and also make him feel better about his situation. I even told him that his family members still care about him, so he can consider them as 'friends'. He took everything i said seriously and really really seemed to like me a lot. He would tp to me wherever i went so we could hang out, and every time he would remind me about how much he appreciates my company.
"Isn't it rough having no friends?"
"But i have friends."
"Wow, you made friends in school?"
"No, my father is my friend. u said that didnt u?"
This conversation stuck with me. For the first time in my life i felt how it is like having someone really rely on me for support.
Eventually, he became my best friend in growtopia. He branched off on his own to build his own world and make music, and would talk to me really excitedly about all his achievements. This sounds really cheesy but i was proud of him, and myself too. We became richer and richer till both of us had diamond locks. The both of us would do geiger hunting and parkour together. We would tp to giveaway worlds and try to earn ez wls. And i believed that if it wasnt for me, he would have just become a scammer.
There was one time where i got scammed a dl's worth of stuff. I wanted to just give up and quit, but he refused to let me go and even cried to one of our friends. He dmed me in snapchat to persuade me not to leave, and, he succeeded. I felt that i was letting him and my other friends down by giving up so easily, so i decided to persevere. Though that dl worth of stuff was all i had then, he managed to help me keep on going. Later that day, i found a geiger charger using my geiger counter and pretty much made all my losses back. We were over the freaking moon!
However, as i have been scammed in the past in my previous accounts, i still had this wall blocking him from gaining all my trust, as i know the consequences of letting someone intrude my privacy too much. In contrast, he was very trusting of me. I dont think he was exactly happy about it, as he could put all his faith in me whereas i could not bring myself to do the same. It wasnt exactly fair. And this slowly but surely seeped into our relationship. I felt like he was secretly a little sour inside because i could not fully trust him.
There was one occasion where he wanted the both of us to drop our locks together so he can take a selfie. However, to me that was a no-no. He very casually drops all his wls, expecting me to do the same. But i just cant. I felt unsafe. And so i denied. He kept on pressing me to do it though, saying its just a selfie. I was adamant though, and eventually he gave up on the selfie. I have no idea if he wanted to scam me or not, as a regular person would never drop ALL his wls in front of a person they dont even know in real life. But he did, and i know it was all he had. I felt guilty for doing that, as i think he was hurt by my lack of trust in him. Even though he said he was fine when i asked him and apologized, i felt that deep inside, my friend was still unhappy.
Some time later, he came into my world and told me he wanted to hang out. He asked why i had tons of random seeds stored up and i told him it was for pineapple fest. I elaborated that i could have the possibility of getting a pine guard and other good prizes by consuming the pineapples, and he was pretty interested. Then, he saw the display box trees growing in my world. In unison, we starting talking about our first project and the struggles back in the day. We are still pretty poor lol (only a few dls, not even 5) but not as filthy poor as then. It was nice reminiscing on those nostalgic times. Everything was good till i realised he was hanging out in my world for an awfully long time, even when i wasnt even in my world. I didnt bother really, but looking back I SHOULD HAVE.
On the day that my display boxes have fully grown, he went to my world and harvested them behind my back. he also took my vend and other seeds, along with more items. When i saw him taking the trees, i thought he only wanted to help me harvest them, and i didnt mind him taking the gems. However, when his backpack was full and i asked him to drop them so i can store my stuff, he left without a word and unfriended me. I messaged him many times but he did not reply. Hours later, we never contacted each other ever again. I couldnt even message him on snapchat. I am not salty about the 50 ish wls i lost but rather the great friend that i had to let go. I believe our relationship was genuine, and so having everything blown to dust in a fit of greed felt very, very sour.
Fast forward to today, and I have not had a friend like him again. I havent played in months and when i logged on last week, less than 5 of my 53 friends were even online at any given time. Most of the time its just me and me alone. Not to mention, some of my friends have changed their usernames, and so i never knew them again. I miss all my great friends in GT. Shout out to JaTheGreat, punchfunn, AviciiAwaken, and more. However, to the irreplaceable friend who betrayed me, I just want to say sorry, and thank you for the good times.
Farewell, 5645j.
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A year of the Casino Wheel: the results

Today is the 366th day the Casino has been open in Los Santos.
The Spreadsheet nerd that I am kept records of all my spins (and missed days) and the prizes. You can see what I got, compared to what the posted odds are. Note: I usually try to do the 4-second trick, unless I don't want the podium car or already won it that week. Only for the PR4 did I glitch out and re-spin the wheel that day.
Category Count Total Expected Actual
Vehicle 21 $ 31,750,350 5.0% 6.1%
Cash 71 $ 2,555,000 20.0% 20.7%
Chips 89 $ 1,645,000 20.0% 25.9%
Mystery 17 $674,350 5.0% 5.0%
Clothing 65 /145 20.0% 19.0%
Discount 8 5.0% 2.3%
RP 72 760,000 25.0% 21.0%
Skipped 23
Total 366
Vehicles Won (including from the Mystery result)
Mystery Items
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my résumé both as a writer, and as a human.

i will include two versions of this resume - one that was written stream of consciousness, and incorporates absolutely everything that is on my mind.
and another that is simplified and only includes relevant job type of information for when applying to places that probably aren't as interested in hiring a spiritual complex thinker and writer as much as they are the guy who simply loves working. the choice is yours at all times to read this or not.
resume got to do with anything -- this turned into a field manual on how to over-come psycho-ops.
i really don't want to stand out, but i guess it's a little late for that.
ideally i want to help form or join a pack of intelligent apes that are working together for the betterment of Everybody
i am currently 100% focused on Writing to Reverse-Engineer the psychological-operations that have programmed Everybody i've ever met including myself, to differing extents, and usually in different directions.
[this applies to everybody, whether you grew up rich and went to college to be an executive, or grew up dirt-poor and consider yourself lucky to have a factory job, or even to be on financial assistance]
my willpower to write as if Everybody's Life depends on it, is beginning to wane as i have gotten it All out multiple times now. once or twice was not enough.
i am now looking for a place to go to learn, grow, and work in a new field that is more useful for Everybody.
as well as for a place to publish these works where i will Not be censored.
the multitude of false-concepts that we have been indoctrinated with that are both anti-human, and anti-life can and will be expozed. allowing us to choose to think without them.
as we begin to learn more about our own psychology then the people who learned how to mind-control us did, as a means to get us to do what they want;
they decided on turning us into mind-controlled-wage-slaves, or as toxic-psychopath-ruler-descandants when they made their decision to embark on this.
Mind-control is now Obsolete. Independent thinking is taking over.
with these works that i'm writing for us, Mind-control has become Obsolete.
we can choose to open our minds and come unhooked from any and All of the imaginary constraints (bs-hooks) that were intentionally installed within our minds, by way of constant exposure and frequent repetition. programming great-apes to do things against their will was last weeks news.
i love working, learning, and creating as much as anyone.
the toxic-banking-institution wants us to become a mind-controlled-wage-slave and that's it.
when you have one of the strongest minds on the planet and you know it, you absolutely cannot afford to leverage an ego.
it'll turn you into a maniac in a hurry. this happens frequently enough to need to be aware of it, even frequently to weaker minds.
i'm not special. Everybody is special.
i've heard that it's a fine line between confidence and cockiness but i think that's bullshit.
i view it more as a runway - wide enough for a jumbo sized aircraft, and big enough for us all to take off from.
if we refuse to leverage an ego we can paint ourselves as confident as it gets without concern for being toxic towards eachother or for rubbing it in anyone's face
we are truly supposed to share our confidence, wisdom, and knowledge with eachother. these are things that are not supposed to be leveraged against anyone to belittle or make any one of us feel less significant, and certainly not to be used as leverage to make others do what we want. [that is to say the manipulation of people is toxic-exploitation]
i'm nothin special, but WE are.
together we are both as strong as our strongest pack members and as weak as our weakest pack members.
we must learn to uplift eachother, and not to bring eachother down.
turning our backs on eachother is not up for discussion. no way in hell do we let eachother go to hell
i'm nothin special. Everybody coming together, that is special.
i'm as confident as it gets with thoughts, but i'm also not better than anyone.
my intelligence and confidence truthfully don't even belong to me. i'm willing to share it with Everybody as it belongs to absolutely Everybody that isn't leveraging a toxic-ego.
it comes from the human spirit.
we are supposed to work together and co-operate voluntarily. nothin should be done against our wills either, collectively, or independently.
as such, painting us as working for money - isn't going to happen.
i Sincerely desire to Help
i am looking for involvement and to learn new skills - not for money -
**leverage a list of skills that you're looking for. list your background briefly - and comprehensively:
i truly don't care what work i'm doing as long as i'm working and learning about something that i'm interested in
i do not have any experience in the areas of interest that i would like to pursue, so i am looking for an apprenticeship type of situation where in the right situation i am absolutely willing to work for experience
Building/construction - Anything - woods , metals, glass
working on bicycles, tractors, vehicles - anything mechanical
farming - sharecropping is fine by me
cooking - food preparation - kitchen

also -- i am looking for artists to share ideas and to work with
as well as active apes of any conditioning level to coach eachother on liberating ourselves through movement physically and mentally.
playing active-games(sports) together making exercise FUN and EZ
i like to paint myself both as a sponge, and as a reflection of everybody that i have ever respected
with this mind-set, the impacts that we leave on eachother are infinite, both limitless and carry forward indefinitely.
after being tortured, i am admittedly still a bit shocked from it, but the positive side from this is that
handling mind-fucks (intentional confusion) and toxic-vibes (shouting, insults, etc) is not a problem at all.
i have become 100% immune to this non-sense and so can everybody else!
i've been dealing with this my entire life (as have most of us) we are all doing our best to develop coping mechanisms and leverage-neutralization-techniques (ways to handle bs) and i believe that it is long over-due that we All come together, share our intelligence and wisdom with eachother.
i'm writing this much for a reason - i'm looking for people, and for a place to share work like this with, where we aren't censored.
we communicate to embrace, uplift, to share ideas, coach, and to teach. not to bring eachother down.
we should be careful to focus on the liberation and strengthening of our minds, allowing us All to think Independently; and not to become reliant on thinking for eachother exclusively as this has the consequence of weakening our minds, reducing our ability to comprehend as well as to make sense of situations and concepts (hooks).
when we think for ourselves we become strong, resilient, and intelligent. when others think for us, we become weak and stupid.
which opens the door for vulnerabilities;
deliberately dangerous mind-fucks (intentional confusion) can and is leveraged against us to trick us into turning on eachother.
or to get us to imagine adversaries, especially at times when there are clearly NONE.
this type of vulnerability works on us, but only if we are not aware of how and why it works.
mind-fucking us against eachother does not work if we understand how and why toxic-minded people try to do this to us.
(playing politics with us is what this amounts to) when they try to do this to us; i'm not playin, and neither should you.
they try to paint everybody, usually including us (whether we know it or not) as toxic, to justify toxic actions against us, or to get us to become toxic as we become fooled by them.
these are dangerous hypocrites that we are dealing with and they are not to be trusted.
(if someone is painting everybody else, but you and them as toxic, best believe that they are or will be doing the exact same thing to you with others) this kind of manipulation of people is toxic-and-stupid. we should be refusing to play politics with anyone.)
false-political-lying has been going on WAY TOO MUCH to believe anything toxic someone has to say about ANYONE else.
people who bad-mouth eachother are NOT to be trusted under any circumstances. we can and WILL shut them down.. by exposing how easy it is to notice when they are trying to smear us. just how full-of-shit they and their arguments are becomes apparent easily when we identify what their intent is (usually to leverage us against eachother to get us to do something stupid or toxic on their behalf)
having been targeted and tortured by institutionalized toxic-corruption wizened my ass up.
we humans (wonderful beautiful intelligent spiritual apes) have been targetted aggressively with deliberate misinformation about our existence and our very nature. this was done intentionally by toxic-minded-agencies and egotistical groups, who conspired against us all, as they viewed themselves, as different and better than us. the intent to divide us, on collective bases of all types, skin-tone, age, sex, cla$$i$m, etc, is to make it easier to pit us against eachother, to keep us perpetually confused, lost, and looking to others for guidance. so that we are as easy as it gets to take advantage of; the smallest unit of division the 'individual' is truly something we are not supposed to identify with primarily, as it is frequently leveraged to attempt to make us feel alone, weak, and vulnerable.
the beautiful truth is that we are never alone
our Independence should reflect our strongest persona(s) which can and should be a reflection of anything or anyone that helps us, including Everyone and Everything. Everyone we've ever Respected, particularly those who coached us, friends, family, co-workers, coaches, artists.
Anyone who helped us in any way imaginable is with us at All times - that's us to - whenever we need for them to be.
coaching eachother to strong Independence and not mind-controlling (thinking for) eachother. we should be developing thinking exercises, building our culture through making art, playing strategic-minded games&sports as well as thinking of other ways to have fun while socializing and developing ourselves - physically, mentally, and spiritually, while focusing on retaining Independence of thought with an emphasis on remaining non-toxic.
any of our views on anything at all, including spirituality are non-consequential to our unity, so long as we are committed to eachother and not working against eachother.
my views on spiritual-unity help us to cement the concept of identification with eachother, life, and existence.
and we should have no problem sharing these views with anyone, however we should not be attempting to persuade anyone to believe as we do. as i believe that we all need to make our minds up for ourselves to get the full benefit from any thought processes that we choose to empower to make sense of anything.
let's let the strength of our thoughts speak for themselves. as we share this strong and flexible type of thinking with eachother, people will come to us on their own accord, and NO persuasion will be necessary. think however you like, the more diverse we and our thoughts become the better!
we should be comfortable to speak or write to any one of us on our own accord about anything if we are looking to share thoughts with eachother;
i will never try to impose my way of thinking, or any of my beliefs on anyone.
(i have flexibly adapted philosophies from others as well as innovated to understanding that i am constantly evolving and never focused on retaining information as i am actively developing one of the strongest and most flexible minds on the planet, this type of philosophy speaks for itself and will spread itself as well)
but i am here to help anyone who both needs&wants help - it doesn't even matter what's going on, or how mind-fucked, perplexed, or painfully-confused you may have become. no matter what, nothing was your fault and you should know that we are both developing eachother.
the more we help eachother sort this type of bullshit (our hazardous mental states) out, the easier it gets for us.
the simplest message ever - we don't ever stop identifying with eachother, life or existence. - that's where we went wrong in the first place. and consequently how we turned toxic-stupid, and then evil.
we learn LESSONS. those mishaps that we made in the past are only mistakes till we learn from them, then they become LESSONS.
everybody turned toxic and then evil, once or twice, and that was it. Everybody can change.
i believe that as long as we are doing our best to question our programming and remain peacefully non-toxic towards eachother that we are developing our intelligence within ourselves tremendously.
as far as toxic intelligence development goes, knowing first hand how painful and miserable it feels to generate toxic-thoughts and vibes, as well as the transfer and infection of others with the same or worse pain and misery, this becomes an infectious cycle that we MUST break.
there has become a tremendous urge within us to work together to stop the suffering for everybody and show the entire species how much happyer we will ALL become when we are working together and not against eachother.
i am 100% in favor of us coaching absolutely anybody and everybody who is ready and willing; everybody is a coach - whether we know it or not.
showing and telling with beautiful artwork and communication skills - peacefully, eloquently, and not forcefully why we should be Cooperating and not working against eachother or looking for toxic-leverage and exploitation of ourselves.
life and work is better when we are in cooperation mode more often, and not viewing ourselves as in a non-consensual competition.
at this point. we should only be competing for fun.
i have mastered freeing my mind with the assistance of absolutely EVERYBODY that i've ever known - our instincts inherited from our ancestors led the way by refusing to believe what was being told, even when we had no idea what was going on.
hearing the inquisitive mind-control-refusal nature of others (curiously questioning everything and refusing to believe confident liars), gave us the strength to continue on questioning rather than to give in and passively accept the false narratives continually being read in our schools, shown on loop on television, played on our radios, and being crammed into our brains by all imaginable methods.
nobody 'knows' anything for certain. so let's think for ourselves.
the ground work was laid for us by all others, destiny, instincts, miracles, and existence - and through blood sweat and tears and with the spiritual support of the unknown, our creators and our entire existence we were able to connect the dots to the best of our ability over and over again. during excruciating torture that was leveraged from an unknown realm.
if it can happen to me it can happen to anyone. it doesn't matter where you are, it just follows you everywhere. getting in the car to drive away from it doesn't work. nothing does.
my best guesses are that either we are living in an emulated existence where just about anything is possible, or that someone developed super high-tech spiritual weaponry. i'd prefer to imagine the emulated spiritual existence, as i find it difficult and painful to believe that this is the only realm of existence and that someone has developed weapons like this. if that is the case, however, i am hopeful that we can come together and dismantle this evil weaponry.
i am grateful for all of those who coached me, particularly as this torment began. as they planted the seed in my mind that if i do my best that i could get it to stop, or at least Help Coach Others that are dealing with the same thing the way that they did for me.
i am also grateful for all of those responsible for getting me off the hook from this torture sentence. i know there must be many of you that i will never meet, or know. just know that i am grateful for you all and your compassion.

if life can be scary and miserable, it can certainly be beautiful and peaceful.
anything is possible.
it truly does not matter the situation - there is a wonderful peaceful solution for everything.

the more we know, the more we know we don't need to know.

knowledge can be an inhibitor to our intelligence, particularly when we accept false-knowledge. if we are going to believe something, it had better be correct, or at least have a use for us. use-less false knowledge, is almost always dangerous and if not, still detrimental to our intelligence. believing things that are false hurts us, or at least makes us stupid.

the more we know the more we don't need to know.
toxic-beliefs leave us with biases that prevent us from thinking and communicating effectively.
we must have disdain for this type of mind-control as this breaks our natural ability to communicate and liberate eachother from the grips of toxic-mind-controll.

agnosticism is the gateway to wisdom.
a mind free from the desire to retain 'knowledge' (which may or may not be true) is free to explore any situation or possibilities and evaluate accordingly free from bias. in many ways the 'truth' is unknowable, and the sooner we accept that, the stronger and flexible minded and able to adapt to a fluid version of reality we will become

human intelligence is at it's best when it does not know.
awareness is what we are looking for, not knowledge.

imagine being so aware of a situation that you can argue your oppositions views better they can, gain their approval and then accordingly dismantle them. rendering them speechless. that is wisdom.

givin enough thoughts on and practice developing possibilities and explanations of our own for anything and evaluating how we feel about them and the other possibilities and explanations that we have heard from others - eventually our favorite hypothesises can be recalled or rather simply recreated with ease. we can adapt these views whenever we need or want to make them more senseful, or perhaps less toxic.
the more we know, the more we know we don't need to know.
it truly doesn't matter what thoughts we ultimately decide to think about to make sense of any situations so long as we are not overly focusing on trying to retain this information as a 'belief' (falsely thinking that there is only one acceptable explanation; is a bullshit-hook and that's it)
or even worse, to try to program others with it -- particularly if it is a toxic 'belief'
this has the consequence of limiting our intelligence, it forces us to think with blinders on and hinders our mind-power; potentially making us angry with eachohther and stupid as the potential for abuse of being leveraged to pit us against eachother.
(dumbass toxic-arguments where both people are disagreeing with eachother and not even hearing the others point of view because they both think their 'belief' is the one correct belief and the others 'belief' is wrong, is as useless as it gets. what IF We are BOTH wrong is what we need to be thinking at all times.)
they show this type of bullshit on the idiot box(television), all the time.. this is to prevent us from communicating when we disagree. we must be smarter than this
'beliefs' that we are unwilling to adapt become thought constraints. the less 'beliefs' we have the better.
strong thoughts and convictions of a non-toxic nature are perfectly acceptable, and desirable -- we will not attempt to force these thoughts on anyone however, as it will then become apparent which toxic-minded-people or agencies, are working against themselves trying to paint our message as refusal. (corny, unrealistic, etc) [they do this all the time, it's about time we call them out on it]

that being said, it doesn't matter what any of us choose to believe or think about anything - NONE of us are better than eachother, or anyone else.
our faith needs to be in eachother and not in any set of beliefs, especially those that were given to us to pit us against eachother.
non-toxic agnosticism frees us to love eachother regardless of any thoughts that we choose to empower as an understanding of anything including our existence. <3
(with this strong and flexible minded philosophy we can change our minds about absolutely anything whenever we need or want to, and no matter what we will never be against eachother)
exposing bs-hooks (false concepts; particularly those that divide us and pit us against eachother) is not a problem at all.
(these concepts are false and imaginary and yet still dangerous for us all if we do not understand that they can and do have real consequences for everybody when we imagine them to be real inside of our minds as they then have the power to influence our thoughts and actions against eachother, which also has the consequence of potentially infecting others minds who are subjected to our thoughts and actions if they do not yet have an understanding of what is really going on)
this is infectious-toxic-mind-control also known as stupid and EVIL
toxic-self-fullfilling-prophecies [terrorism], creating terror and division first within our minds, and then eventually this manifests itself in our thoughts, actions, and conversations with eachother and becomes as real as it gets. toxic-mind-control spirals into a tumultuous cyclone and does whatever it can to spread division hatred and toxic words and actions amongst us.
We must be smarter than to allow it to continue.
Together We can end this - first within ourselves - and then within all - WITH their consent.
nobody was born toxic, or evil.
the situation for everybody can and will improve if we allow us to coach ourselves.
'adversary detected' should not be on any of our minds.
if you are working against anyone at all - you are working against yourself and that's it.
dealing with rude arrogant pricks (toxic-mind-controlled individuals) is not a problem at all.
superiority complexes of all types, are truly nothing special.
[false-superiority-complexes are the primary way we were taught to handle the toxic vibes that come from working against our own species.
thinking that we are better than eachother is not up for discussion; ever again]
toxic-ego deflation has become a wonderful art form -
remember, do not escalate a situation at all. their intent is to paint us as toxic as well, to either smear our character or to falsely attempt to justify toxic action against us, most likely both. (remember that toxic-mind-infection likes to paint everybody as toxic, so that it has an easier time spreading)
it does not fit their agenda to admit that absolutely everyone who is aware of this situation, and isn't under it's sway-(convinced that spreading hatred is going to benefit them) is against it. advocating for the spread of division and hatred for leverage over us, is nothing short of evil.
usually they will leverage toxic-hooks *mentally ill*(comes to mind) because they assume that this will trigger
a negatively charged emotional response from us.
the next time we see this, we WILL be prepared. mentally-CHILL and that's it.
kindness can both DE-escalate the situation and expose all hatred for what it really is - self hate..
that is to say that there is always real hate for the unnatural toxic-thoughts that are running on our minds, as a result of toxic-brain-washing and toxic-mind-infection. these feelings of pain and misery gets wrongly blamed on whoever you think you are against when the real adversary is your weak-minded hateful ideology.
these thoughts have us convinced that we are different from eachother, better and/or smarter than eachother as well as against eachother.
(these thoughts are false and yet super painful for us if we aren't using some kind of superiority complex as a toxic-coping mechanism to distance us from eachother, either physically [segregation] or emotionally. superiority complexes are false and dangerous for us, as they kill our natural empathy for eachother)
the beautiful truth is that we are eachother and no matter what anyone thinks, we are all =EQUALS=
when we set our differences aside, place a restraining order on our toxic-egos, and do not let our pride get in the way -
we can SHARE this beautiful message with eachother.
absolutely anybody that we interact with can become a coach to us.
whether they taught us how to handle being shouted at, insulted, laughed at, ignored, left alone, what it felt like to be loved, how to handle situations with toxic-minded-individuals without stooping to their level, how to stay positive, have fun, play, be creative, or to share confidence with and inspire eachother.
Everybody is a coach.
if you're targeting us sTILL, you're targeting yourself and that's it.
Merrillville high school graduated 2007
*lowest gpa to graduate. was miserably bored with school
(they kept having us fill out repetitive and boring worksheets with focus on memorization when i was already developing an active intelligence)
i hadn't fully processed the situation yet, but i knew what they were trying to do. that's when i quit caring about grades and started thinking about anything that kept my brain firing including dropping out. so i started skipping classes and slept a lot.
STILL found testing and writing to be super easy and fun.
0s on most every homework assignment, but still managed to squeak by with Ds mostly as i usually still managed to get As and Bs on tests.


nwi mma academy: 07-08
strack and van til: utility clerk: 07-08
northwest airlines: ramp agent: 08-10
horseshoe casino:games dealer: 10-16 19-20
rivers casino: table games dealer 16-18

working with a team, was always Significantly easier then working out alone. i learned this while training with a fight team briefly. being fatigued and seeing your team-mates still busting their ass, makes you want to shut-up and finish the next rep rather then to think about how tired you are.
i enjoyed working the ramp the most as i was working with a team again, to load/off load the beautiful aircraft as well as to guide them into the gate and push them back to the taxi-way.. i love working with teams and aviation is an interesting as it gets to me. was happy to be there
working as a dealer taught me a lot about our species. after 10 years as a dealer, gambling (playing stupid-games for our mostly hard earned $financial-leverage$) does not make a whole lot of sense to me. but yet it still gets painted as approval as it gets in the movies and on the television. when you turn 21 around here, a trip to the casino happens frequently, and perhaps it shouldn't. i've seen once in a lifetime winning sessions, hook people indefinitely on gambling, as they spend the next several years miserably playing it all back and then some.
i don't support gambling, and i am also opposed to their media operations,
they're mind-controlling people to gamble and i know it. this was not a good fit for me to continue as a career.
despite this i am still not against anyone on a personal level, nor do i judge anyone for this, as i know the beautiful truth about life, if roles were reversed since birth we would both be doing the exact same thing in each-others positions.
the whole time that i was dealing, in the back of my head was - what comes next. i knew that rapid fire black-jack dealing was conditioning my mind on a level that few jobs could. preparing me for whatever would come next. i'm still not sure what it will be, but i am hopeful that it is something that involves creation.
thank you for reading. i look forward to hearing back from you.
submitted by crazyasitfuckingets to u/crazyasitfuckingets [link] [comments]

[GLITCH] improved xbox one chip glitch

This method is so ez i did this first try. you cant mess up if you just follow the video
Requirements And Steps For XBOX-ONE -FRIEND -EMPTY CREW -CLUBHOUSE -SPAWN LOCATION (LAST LOCATION) - YOUTUBE APP SP TO MP STEPS Get 1 star wanted level, when your hands raise, press pause. - Go to online tab & hover over ‘choose character’ . - Open yourube app & QUICKLY return back to the game. - Tap up then down then Keep pressing “A” - Stop when you get the “rockstar” alert. - Now Join your friend in the solo lobby stunt race & return to gta. - Wait 10seconds then accept the rockstar alert. - When the friends alert REAPPEARS, accept it, now you should have full alert - Now Join the friend in the FRIENDS/INVITE ONLY SESSION/TITAN OF A JOB. Quiclky return back to game and accept the FULL alert and wait for the second alert go away - When the alert disappears. just wait to load online lobby - When you start to spawn in, SPAM “A” Fast! - If done correctly you’ll accept friends alert. When you fully join the job setting screen. FRIEND now QUITS. - Now your friend starts ANOTHER Titan of a job or any mission & sends you an invite via party. - When you get the invite, start the mission you are currently in, confirm/yes. - Then accept friends invite, wait on the alert to pop up on your screen & tell your friend to now QUIT the job. - then accept both alerts. - You’ll spawn in a new session/or land back in friends session. CHIP GLITCH STEPS -Once you are online with Double menu - Now Start Titan Of job, inside the mission, hold down d-pad then select Franklin and cancel the alert -Now you should spawn as franklin, press pause and join crew members and accept the alert -Now you should spawn into lobby, go to clubhouse -inside the clubhouse, stand infront of Dart board -press pause, join crew members again and keep spamming A then accept the alert -once you are in the new lobby, wait a little -now press pause, online then join crew members again and wait till you see LOADING in the bottom right -Then Quickly go to network settings. go offline then online and wait 40 seconds -return back to game and accept the alert, quickly go to test full nat-type and return back to game -keep testing full nat-typing until you load into lobby -once you are online, hold down d-pad and select Franklin and cancel the alert -now go to casino as Franklin and do the chip glitch SAVE STEPS -go outside casino and kill yourself and switch outfits or buy something cheap and wait for 5mins
I did not discover this glitch i believe it was the one who made the video not sure idk.
why am i doing this its almost 6am
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Flashback! Classic Seattle Music Reviews

Bleach is the debut album from obscure Seattle quartet, Nirvana. The rusty jams and popcorn melodies found on this album prove only that Kurt Cobain, Christ Noveselic, David Grohl, and Matt Cameron were ready for punk decades before the Clash hit the scene in 2016.
The album opens with "Blew", a pop orchestral piece that combines the knowing drum work of Cameron juxtaposed against Grohl's bass tuba. The song careens from haphazard to tiddly wink in the first nine bars as Cobain shouts "Smells like teen spirit!" over Christ's deep barber shop alto of "I pay my taxes" over and over. With samples of Pulp Fiction blended in with distorted Hostess commercial jingles, this song gives you all you need to know about the rest of the album: it's going to rock your body.
The next song is "Floyd the Barber". Cobain tells the tale of a gentle hair crafter who manages to shave his unwanted beard in defiance to current social norms. Cameron plays this one well with his doo wop beat playing a long game of hail mary football with Christ's distorted Moog. This sets a tone for the coming of age song as Cobain laments "Don't wanna be a lumberjack no more." The song ends with the Coda "The Dow is down but I'm upbeat, quit buying wine with welfare if you can't afford heat." Never before has such a conservative message of conforming so infused a punk song.
"About a Girl" starts off with a detuned violin accompanying what sounds like a dolphin trying to trade afterbirth for a pork sirloin. As the song meanders through Cobain's stock portfolio, Grohl twists the volume up to 11 on his tuba and SNAKES ALIVE! plays a solo that would make Meatloaf weep. Of all the Seattle bands, the signature Grohl tuba helps Nirvana stand out as a rock band that was gonna take no prisoners and follow no rules.
"School" is a fuzzy instrumental cascading between arena rock guitar and roller skate rink with a drug dealer in back tuba that is not only infectious, but also is illegal in nine states due to the criminal amounts of Nyquil involved. I put this on the turntable and nearly shook my glass of milk of oatmeal cookies off the counter! I phoned a friend and said "Listen to this" and put the phone up to the record player and then hung up on him. The song was that good.
"Love Buzz" is another in a long list of Public Image Limited covers that I think everyone was tired of by 1989. But it does have its splashes of charm, including Cameron's symbol work and Grohl's avant garde use of nine track cassette looping. Give a man an ear and he will fish for days, but give a man some raw guitar distorted with the use of a model airplane as a pic and you will feed a man chowder for life. Although, the cover is a bit cliche, it still sets a tone that makes way for the second half of this wall to wall noise explosion of salad dressing.
"Paper Cuts" is about filing taxes before computers. The narrator (Cobain) drills off reasons why EZ forms are not so easy. He brings us closer to his reality of a struggling musician trying to deal with the wall of society and his penchant for buying junk bonds. The listener soon realizes that there's no way the narrator could possibly use an EZ form given his alimony payments, joint stock adventures, and special dividends. Cobain shrieks "If I can't be EZ I can't be me!" to a vacant room as the song ends and one can almost hear papers rustling in the background before giving way to Cameron's famous steak sauce for ketchup double shotgun two tap drum beat.
"Negative Creep" is Christ's turn to shine. With what can only be called forgettable guitar playing he laps up the volume box as he delves into the suicide bomber riffs that bring plenty of laughs to coeds in a balls to the wall circus of the stars steel wheeling lullaby two story beat of concrete Pat Buchanan beat boxing on a silver table atopped with gold house party adventure-con.
"Scoff" begins with a short poem about Grohl's need to leave Seattle and start his own band that will make one good record and then a bunch of theme music for Transformers films. Cobain then chimes in with an eerie preternatural image of Lake Washington overrun by a giant retailer and slaver. Once again, Christ's jaw dropping, vomit inducing, chili fries in a dryer turned to max guitar work ladles on the funk over Cobain's jaded lyrics.
"Swap Meet" is about young love at a swap meet. Plus Grohl's bending tuba performance that makes that show Manimal look like a documentary about cat videos.
"Mr. Mustache" is a debonair nuance into the casualness of sex in the 80s. Cobain claims that "Love can't be found in an empty condom wrapper in the back of a 711 with two fifty" (in his pocket). The song explodes with more capable tuba work and drum slams cut off at the chase by Cobain on a detuned fiddle in a casino in Fife. The song ends with the sound of one of the Buffalo slot machines paying off.
The album ends with "Sifting" which is a slow Bell Biv Devoe-esque number that will have your family rump shaking in no time. The song was later appropriated to the theme music of "Family Matters" and is in everyone's hearts still today. I can't tell you how many times I've listened to this song while spooning a pillow case full of sauerkraut.
I give this album a B+.
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